Wherever I Wander

Where am I? Here's a hint.
Yes, it's NAB time again, and for the sixth time in 8 years, I'm back in the geekhive.

You'd think I would have learned by now to bring sneakers, a case of bottled water, and a shoulder bag with a cloth strap -- but no.

The Avid party at Hard Rock Sunday night was well-attended, and no company execs got badgered with questions like "when will this feature be available on the Mac?" By that criteria alone, it was a successful event.

Today I am a shameless shill for Avid, walking the show with the logo'd shirt they gave out at the party with the promise that every day, two people wearing them would win a Media Composer. I should be skeptical, but I'm in Vegas. I feel lucky.

There's lots of cool stuff to see. No seriously -- forget CES. This is the real deal. If you know how to work some of the equipment on this show floor, you can actually make a pretty good living doing it, and have the respect and awe of at least 100,000 of your colleagues (the number of NAB attendees.) Try that with the new iBlackPodBerry you got at Best Buy last week.

Why yes, that is a Harley. On the world's largest 1080p HD plasma screen, 103 inches. Thanks for asking.

Here's the camera I want. Until I go to the Sony booth and find one I want more.

Dude won a $4800 Miller tripod just for showing up at a party and drinking some beer. What a country.

Human signage.

You can write your own caption here.

Who needs a microwave uplink motorcycle? Me me me!

The coolest part about attending NAB, though, is that you bump into the coolest people there.

Yes. I know it's blurry.

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