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"In our state family, Greensboro is sort of the alcoholic step-brother who is 41, unemployed and lives with its parents."

-- commenter Bonk_Thud, at Fark (via Greensboring)

"There’s something about Greenboro. I swear there is. The kookiest of the kooks come from there. There have too many occurences. It is not a coincidence."

-- commenter TheDeadlyShoe, at Pandagon (via Sue)

"Of course before all of this was exposed I’m sure the black lieutenant’s claims of racial bias were dismissed as groundless... 'you know how they’re always complainin’ about sumthin.'".

-- commenter hodari2006 at Pandagon

“Most people have moved on from this race issue in the past forty years since the Civil Rights Act was passed, except for people who want to titillate and exploit.”

-- White Greensboro City Councilmember Mike Barber, explaining why he does not support the Greensboro Truth & Reconciliation Commission, the living wage initiative, or a police citizens review board.

And just like that, another chapter in Greensboro's history gets written on the world stage.

Wonder if Florence Gatten would like to get back that hour a day she spent combatting the Truth & Reconciliation initiative, so that she might keep a closer eye on things actually within her purview?

Mayor Holliday, you had a dream. We might not get there with you.

Some days, it seems we will never get outside these City Limits.

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