You're Soaking In It

So I'm watching the League of Women Voters forum on Cable 8. I take a big swig of water. Then, Florence Gatten says this:

"We need leaders who will take on controversial issues in a thoughtful and respectful way."

You can guess what happened next.

Hand me a paper towel?

UPDATE: After mopping up, I heard Gatten's sad tale of being "threatened" and "personally harassed" by Michael King over her criticism of Project Homestead. "Never one to shy away from controversy, I was the first to speak out", says our heroine.

This is at least the second instance where Gatten has ridden to our rescue. Witness her bold stand regarding the Truth & Reconciliation Commission:

"My speaking out about this project has caused the harassment of potential witnesses to the commission hearings to cease."

Yeah, that -- or, the doctors finally nailed the correct dosage on that paranoia medication, bringing a peaceful end to what looked to be a lifetime of "I See Black People."

Next: a cure for Delusions of Grandeur. Keep hope alive.

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