Two Wheels and the Truth

The mountain bike hunt continues. Hardtail? Hybrid? Grip shift? Disc brakes? Should I spend $99 and first prove that I'll actually ride the thing, or spend hundreds on the bet that I'll ride a good, comfortable bike more often?

I am one of those people who do months of research before a purchase. I know you hate it, think it dates back to a glitch in my potty training. But I think it's fun. It's part of the joy of spending hard-earned money - for me, not for those around me.

It's also a valuable learning process. Along the way I found out about the history of the bicycle, and the history of mountain biking.

Then one day, in the midst of all this research, I was walking in Battleground Park, and I saw it: the mountain bike I've been searching for all my life.

I'm gonna need a bigger bank account.

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