You need a new air filter, and by the way...

Overheard at the Battleground Avenue Jiffy Lube today:

Conversation #1:

"Back when I was in the Navy overseas, I had a Studebaker Spitfire, the kind with the rounded back, and you know what I used to pay for gas on the base? 6 cents a gallon. I had that car shipped back to the states, and when I got to New York I saw a sign that said gas was 25 cents a gallon. I told my honey, well, guess we won't be cruising around too much..."

Conversation #2:

"If they would just leave Bush alone and let him do what he needs to do, these gas prices wouldn't be so high. I mean, there's plenty of oil in America. Those people [um, Arabs? -ed.] are never going to lower prices. It won't hurt Alaska to drill there, there's not much there anyway. But these environmentalists, they say oh no, you can't do that there and you can't do this here. It's crazy. Bush is a good man, and I think he's doing a fine job. They ought to just leave him alone. And isn't his wife just the cutest thing?"

Conversation #3:

"I just don't understand people who watch Fox News Channel. I mean, Bill O'Reilly, he has guests on and he never lets them talk! He just tells them to shut up. I don't understand people who think Bush is such a wonderful man and he's doing such a great job, and this and that. They have to be brainwashed. He has made the biggest mess out of this country. I don't know how we're ever going to clean it up!"

Jiffy Lube: your hotbed of community discourse and non-OEM parts.

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