YES! They got it right

I haven't quite figured out how the small staff of YES! Weekly manages to be everywhere at once in Greensboro, consistently turning out well-researched and in-depth articles on a production schedule of just 7 days. They came out strong and have only gotten better, and are a welcome addition to the free weekly scene here.

This week, I can't pretend to give an unbiased review of their cover story on local bloggers; after all, I'm featured, as are several of my blog buddies, who also happen to be some of my favorite voices in Greensboro.

Keep that in mind as you consider that I give Editor Brian Clarey and Photographer Lee Adams five out of five stars for parsing the story that is the Greensboro blogosphere. Clarey took a lot of information and backstory and made it make sense. He was also accurate and entertaining.

Now really -- where else can you get that kind of value for free??

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