Women Drivers 1

If a single driver was put off by the sideshow, he's dumber than his brother Darryl and more naive than his other brother Darryl. Patrick may be a woman driver, not to mention a Sunday driver, but if anyone can save a sport leaking more red ink than oil, she's the one.

Around and around she went, taking the American public with her. Talk about drama. She led with 15 laps to go. She led with 10 laps to go. She led with eight laps to go. Finally, she conceded, no thanks to a perilously low fuel level that forced her to ease off the gas.

OK, so she didn't win. And for all we know, she'll never win at Indy. What's important is this: Next time she's out there, a whole lot of people will be watching.

- Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post, on AOL

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