Know Your Limits

I'm worried about Sheryl Crow. She's playing on Austin City Limits right now. What kind of starvation diet has Lance talked her into?? Does she have to pedal a bike to generate electricity in his house?

I'm going to bake her some brownies.

Thankfully, her voice is stronger than ever. She sounds nearly as great as when I saw her live at Alltel Pavilion a few years ago.

Disclaimer: By linking to lancearmstrong.com, I am no way endorsing visiting his site or even cheering for him in a race. If you want to wear a Livestrong armband, okay. But I still don't like the guy.

UPDATE: Eww. Lance just came out, gave her a guitar, and kissed her right before she launched into "My Favorite Mistake." Next song should be "Maybe God is Tryin' to Tell You Somethin'".

MORE: I really like Peter Stroud, not only because he's skilled, but also because he reminds me of a young Steve Clark.

Note to Paisley: Switch 625. Are you out there?

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