Their flying machines

I happened to be in Reidsville on Wednesday, which happened to be Practice Day at Rolling Hills Cycle Park.

If the sound of an angry bee swarm of two-strokes and the throaty growl of thumpers hammering the whoops makes your heart sing, this is your shangri-la.

There were peewees and big dogs, all sharing the dirt. No matter their age, size, or cc, they all pegged it in the straightaway, where I was standing.

My heart sang.

The Northwest Observer
profiled four young riders who did well in the Qualifiers at Rolling Hills a few weeks ago.

Playing in the dirt has taken on a whole new meaning for several youth from northwest Guilford County and their families. From April to October you can find these boys riding dirt bikes at the Rolling Hills Cycle Park in Reidsville. During the week you'll find them practicing, and every other Saturday night they race in the "Hot Summer Nights" series, where as many as 200 racers compete.

It's true. Take a look at any race results, and you'll find "these boys riding dirt bikes."

But, as I breathed in the big air at Rolling Hills, something stirred at the corner of my vision. It was a little someone, checking her pads and helmet, looking over her bike.

It was a little girl getting ready to go feed her brothers some roost.

My heart sang.

Think girls can't ride? Tell that to Sheryl Crow.

Yeah. That Sheryl Crow. On an KTM.

Wednesday might be my new favorite day.

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