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I've been trying to catch up with what I've missed in Greensboro -- tried the paper, the free weeklies, and asking people "what happened?" -- but I was just being silly. I should have gone straight to the blogs. Here's some of what I gleaned.

Inkslinger offers up some perspective on how much a billion really is. I'm betting this turns up in all sorts of PowerPoints and motivational speeches this year.

From Lenslinger and FTOJRLST, we already know that people in broadcast news make great bloggers. Kent Bates of WFMY entertains with his AFV-like image of a man, his bicycle, an intersection, and pedal cleats that won't let go.

Not to be outdone, McCall Pera of WUPN fills us in on a little secret: A soccer mom hath no fury like a doggie mom scorned.

The Shu is an Egyptian god? Gate is really Mr. Sun AND Patrick Eakes? Is this what they're teaching you all at these liberal-lovin' Meet-Ups? Yeesh.

Somebody's gotta do it -- so Mark Childrey steps up, continuing his excellent coverage of hate-monger Fred Phelps' visit to Danville. Too close for comfort.

Ann learned that she may soon have to figure out how to feed and clothe three children on $700-$1000 a month.

Looks like Michael attended the Center for Creative Leadership school with the Commanding Officer of the USS Kitty Hawk. Not bad for a guy with the best looking blogger template I've ever seen.

JW never ceases to find ways to make me laugh out loud, even if I'm grumpy. Thanks, JW.

Jinni Hoggard seems to have come through surgery like a trooper, thank God. Ed Cone calls her "a heroic freelance health educator and a kicker of cancer's ass." Amen.

Ed bumped up against some silly limitations at MSNBC. Don't they have enough "he said/he said" on their other programming? Let the bloggies run free!

David Wharton gives us hope for what might happen to MBNA when it dies, if Dante is to be believed.

Mark Binker moved to Raleigh, but didn't forget to bid us adieu.

Nice job at the News & Record for turning out audio files from the City Council meeting, and nice coverage by Matt Williams and Allen Johnson (with more to come, I hope, in Sunday's paper). I can't comment on this yet, for reasons stated below. But I'll be using those audio files, I ga-ron-tee, so please keep them online, John.

Related: the comments thread at Allen Johnson's blog continues to grow, 5 days later.

As if Roch Smith, Jr. wasn't busy enough -- he took the time to author a proposed resolution for the City Council. Now that's community service.

Lex always comes through and says things I meant to say but forgot or was too chicken. He rightly lambasts TIME for its cover story on Ann Coulter. I bought the rag in the airport, due to gross curiosity and a long layover. The cashier in the sundries shop tsked at "how bad they made [Ann] look" on the cover. I clearly did not want to engage in political debate in Salt Lake City, of all places, so I held my tongue and meekly accepted my change. Thanks Lex for carrying the ball.

Lex had his three year blogiversary, too, and I didn't even bring him so much as a toy totem pole. Sorry man. On your fifth, maybe.

In that same vein, Patrick Eakes calls out Charles Davenport, Jr., and I, upon reading it, do a little happy dance. (It's very similar to the Oreo ice cream dance - but less sugar-enhanced.)

I sure hope Lenslinger got enough entries for the Tarheel Tavern. One wants something to read with one's morning Folgers -- a few hours from now. That's if my friends don't come through with a much-anticipated "Biscuits 'n Gravy Meet-Up" at Bob Evans.

And yes, I did watch the April 19th City Council meeting on TV today. I am going to have to let the adrenaline subside before I post on that. My mother reads this blog, you know.

Keep up the remarkable work, everybody. I'm proud to be a Greensblogger.

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