Print Paparazzi

If today's News & Record Editorial section, both the paper and online versions, were an accurate reflection of our community, then I would be ready to say that we are hopelessly, permanently divided by race.

Luckily, I don't think today's News & Record's editorial section, neither the paper nor the online version, is an accurate reflection of anything except the tendency of MSM to eschew intelligent commentary in favor of shouting matches.

I fail to understand why Allen Johnson writes with such considered insight, then lets vultures swoop in and unload excrement all over his pages. This doesn't serve the community, and it wouldn't seem to serve the newspaper's interests, either.

Note to the rest of the world who may read the Greensboro News & Record today: Most of us in Greensboro aren't mad at anybody, and we're not fighting. A few of our elected officials and some die-hard redneck racists would like things to stay as they have always been, with wealthy white people in charge, and the rest cowed in submission. They represent between 2-5% of the people who live here.

The rest of us would like to join the real world, and we're determined to get there, dragging Greensboro with us.

And by the way, we have a really nice new baseball stadium that was totally unnecessary. It's a nice symbol of the warped priorities and incredible arrogance of our white leaders.

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