Prayers, Hope, Faith, Community - and then, Reconciliation

"It's just what we need right now."
"What a powerful message."
"A magnificent program."
"Filled with hope."
"Some real magic. And the crowd...wow!"

These are some of the rave reviews coming in for the "Faith and Community - A Call to Prayer, A Celebration of Hope" program at First Baptist Church this past Sunday evening.

In his talk, Dr. Peter Storey, of South Africa, framed the work of reconciliation as something that is "not optional" for people of faith.

He also quoted Bishop Desmond Tutu, who once said, "It is hard to reconcile with you when your foot is on my neck."

The (mostly white) audience laughed -- for two reasons. One, Storey's delivery of the line had a humorous inflection.

And two, because it's never happened to them.

We have a long way to go in Greensboro. But Sunday night was an excellent start.

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