Keys to Blogger City

From Blogger Support:

"This would be funny if it weren't frustrating some users. We've discovered a problem with the page people use to report problems. Just letting you know that we're fixing it now..."

It took me the better part of an hour to successfully publish three posts last night. I wasn't going to pile on in the litany of recent complaints about Blogger, because until I find a suitable back-up strategy, they could hold for ransom six months of my writing on their servers.

The nice thing about the much-maligned Blogger community is that users are very clever and generous in coming up with, and sharing, hacks and workarounds. Can someone please get to work on an easy way to back up your Blogger blog to a local disk?

The other reason I'm not complaining about Blogger is that I've selected an Eastern Religions coping mechanism.

Heaven and earth have their own offices,
The Yin and Yang their own treasuries.
Take care to abide in your own self,
And other things will flourish of themselves.

-- from "Chuang-Tzu, The Inner Chapters" by A.C. Graham

In other words, I choose to believe that Blogger has embarked on an ambitious, fantastic project to upgrade their servers and services, and that is the reason for the current inconveniences. I await mine own faith's reward.

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