Goodbye, my pretties

I know this is rather sudden, but Chewie has to go away for a while.

My friend in Alaska has been sending tantalizing pictures for months, and finally, my will has been broken. I'm getting on a plane in the morning to see it for myself.

I'm doing this for you. This little trek is intended to restore and refresh, so that I may continue my work here in bringing about a Chewie World Order. I hope that you can find it in your hearts to understand, while missing me ferociously.

But I am not leaving you to dangle in the wind, dear ones. The picture above is my avatar for the next 10 days. It was taken from the back deck of my friend's house in Juneau. See the mountains? See the water? I'm right here. Talk to the picture. Something bothering you? Stressed out? Can't cope? Somebody make you mad? Is Roch acting up again? Talk to the picture. Say it with me: "I'm riiiiiight there. With a frosty muuuug. I'm with Chewieeee..."

I will return on April 22nd, with lots and lots of pictures.

Play nice and share.

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