Sure, it looks great dangling on the "buy me" hook at the grocery store. You take it home, use it 'til it gets funky, then slip on the replacement pad that comes with it. For a while it takes care of everything: spaghetti sauce, ring around the meatloaf pan, muffin debris, coffee slime. Then one day you take a whiff, and find that you need another replacement pad. You make a point of going back to the store where you bought it, because obviously they service and support this particular brand.

Know what? No they don't. You will never, ever find a replacement pad for this particular dishwand ever again. In fact, the moment you purchased this dishwand several months ago, a message was transmitted along a fiber-optic network between the store and Scotch-Brite corporate headquarters, alerting them that this particular model must be immediately discontinued.

But you can start all over with the O-Cello dishwand, and believe.

Consumer Dishwand Alert Level: Orange (elevated)

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