Things I've been watching, listening to, and reading this week (instead of blogging):

Bleep! Censoring Hollywood, produced by ABC News Productions, reveals how a controversial movement is rocking the boardrooms at Hollywood studios, the Directors Guild, and home entertainment companies. In today's DVD/home video marketplace, several small businesses are buying copies of Hollywood's most popular movies to edit out sex, violence, and foul language. Once "cleansed," they are sold again as so-called "family friendly" versions -- without the consent of the films' directors or film studios.

A cut here, an edit there -- it's driving Hollywood crazy.

The New American Caste System: Forty-million Americans have no health insurance. Millions more are one pink slip away from losing coverage. The reasons are as diverse as the people themselves. But what is clear is that the current healthcare system leaves everyone at risk and it doesn't take much to be pushed over the edge.

The Razor's Edge:
"The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over;
thus the wise say the path to Salvation is hard."

The Razor's Edge was published in 1944 in a very different world from that of today. Yet some human yearnings and questions are eternal: We want to know that our existence has meaning and purpose, not just know it, but feel it in every part of our beings.

Oh yeah, and I want one of these to wear when the rodeo comes to town.

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