Who needs 'em?

Who needs book, movie, and TV reviews?

I've had 3 movies from Netflix sitting on my coffee table for weeks now. I almost never choose to spend my leisure time that way. That's two whole hours of life I'll never get back. Perhaps if I moved the DVD player into the computer room... nah. I might start blogging movies as I watched them. That's just silly, and it would only exacerbate my ADD. Now going to the movies, that's different. They have better popcorn and better sound.

As for books, I read at bedtime. This usually means I only get through a few pages before I fall asleep with the light on. It takes me forever to get through a book, and anytime you want a review, you can jump to Amazon and get tons of them.

I love TV. I love the Weather Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, the History Channel, the National Geographic Channel, A&E, E!(sometimes), Lifetime(sometimes), MTV(sometimes), UNC-TV, CNN, and C-Span. Be glad you do not live at my house. Seriously. You would hate me.

A wise Chewie changes its mind. A fool never does. What I've discovered, in my short experiment of blogging the media consumption portion of my life, is that there's really not much to say about it. It is what it is, and there's not much there for someone outside of my head to latch onto. I enjoy reading other's reviews. But I'm moving on to something I think I'm better at.

In place of my Reviews blogs, I'm putting links to discussions around the blog-globe that I found interesting, important, and timely enough to leave comments on. This is actually a much better barometer of life as Chewie, so it may allow you to get to know me better. Also, I'm hoping I'll get a "bye" on days when I don't blog, but post stunningly eloquent comments somewhere else that are long-winded and annoying enough to count as a blog post. Don't overlook the pro bono nature, as well -- I'll be contributing hits to a fellow blogger. Well, if you click the links. Click the links!!

Seriously, this might be a nice way to tie discussions together, particularly those that are of local concern. Hoping so.

If not -- I'll be back.

-- Chewie's "Big Wookiee" Voice reserved for special administrative functions

UPDATE: The other nice thing about this is that I'm able to highlight excellent posts by other bloggers, as I did with Viewfinder Blues over there. Sometimes my comments aren't worth a hoot, but the original post is.

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