What are you waiting for, Molassespants?

America is creating about one million new millionaires every year, according to a new study by DataMonitor. In an article at MarketWatch, Paul B. Farrell has a few tips for how you can become one of them. I'm going to provide them here at NO CHARGE, people. But first, let's make sure you're ready for the pot o' gold.

Becoming a millionaire is "all in your head," Farrell says. "If you want to retire a millionaire, you can. You control your mind."

"In fact, you could even forget all the usual stuff: asset allocation, stock picking, savings plans, budgeting and so on."

But Paul! How can I get rich if I don't study the market?

"Millionaires spend an average of just six minutes a day on personal finance. They have better things to do. Get a life!"

But isn't that because they already have millions?

"If you have a guy with all the survival training in the world who has a negative attitude and a guy who doesn't have a clue but has a positive attitude, I guarantee you that the guy with a positive attitude is coming out of the woods alive. Simple as that."

OK sorry. So I start with a positive attitude. Then what?

"Find the real you, go for it and never turn back!"

You mean I should tell my boss to get stuffed?

"Browse through "EBay for Dummies." Open a Starbucks franchise. Most millionaires work for themselves, pay less in tax, live below their means and build equity in themselves."

Wow I like the sound of that. I'm just not sure I have what it takes. What if I'm the stuff of mediocrity?

"What is it: Love, family, jazz, art, golf, writing, fishing, inventing? Whatever it is, it's you. And it's priceless."

It's fishing. So if I'm really careful and frugal, sock money away, and work for myself, I'll be golden, right?

"A good friend is in his 60s. When I mention retirement planning, he laughs. He talks about his next vacation. His new jet skis. He's survived divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, health problems. He has a successful business, nice house, lots of debt. He's at risk. I couldn't do it, but he's happy. We all have friends like him, living in their moment. You need to live in yours."

Um, so I should be jetskiing, taking lots of vacations, and getting a divorce...

"Most of us focus on our little world and our future. Millionaires dream of making the world a better place, with visions of a better tomorrow for everyone. They love helping people. I'll bet you have such a dream. Discover the real meaning of life by going beyond yourself and make a difference!"

But -- I don't have -- any -- money -- yet --

"If you got the right attitude, if you feel it, if you believe you're a millionaire, you're already there. The money will follow."

"Trust me."

Here's Paul's 10 step program. Let me know how you do.

1. Getting rich isn't about money
2. Accentuate the positive
3. Think differently
4. Quit doing what you hate
5. Do what you love
6. Find "the real you!"
7. Invest in "You, Inc."
8. Live with passion
9. Live in the moment
10. Make a difference!

If anyone needs Me, Inc. tomorrow, I'll be in Virginia buying lottery tickets.

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