Thousand-Word Stare

The photographic exhibit "A Thousand Words: Photographs by Vietnam Veterans" is now online in the Gallery of the North Carolina Humanities Council website. Follow the link from the home page.

Says Martin Tucker, curator:

The project began with $70.00 in start-up funds and generous donations from the community. But the biggest contribution of all was from the veterans themselves, who chanced revisiting one of the most significant periods of their lives and sharing it with others.

For a month I got no response. Then the phone began to ring and by mid-April I had over 2600 prints and slides loaned by NC vets. A daughter called with several photos and the 30 year-old love letters from her father in Vietnam to her mother back home. A vet brought in 150 slides that had been kept in a dog biscuit box by his ex-wife. Another vet, who had cut up all his photos when he returned to the states, referred me to a buddy who had kept his.

The exhibit is traveling to Michigan and Ohio this spring. If you're interested in hosting it there or elsewhere, contact Martin Tucker, Photography Coordinator/Curator at (336) 723-7395 or by e-mail: photoart@sawtooth.org.

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