The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe

The National Intelligence Council sez, "Enjoy your visit to the NIC Collection."

A few FOIA docs to whet your appetite:

Herbert Meyer, Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, asks the CIA Director in 1983, "Why is the World So Dangerous?" and concludes that it is the beginning "of a new stage in the global struggle between the Free World and the Soviet Union."

"Vietnam is not the only Asian country trying to exploit POW/MIA issues. Almost 8,200 Americans were never accounted for after the Korean War."

"The nature, extent, timing and circumstances of any US troop reduction would be of critical importance. But in a general way, minor reductions - if well explained and well managed - could leave European faith in the US nuclear guarantee basically unaffected."

"We do not know who in the Cuban Government controlled the Guillot operation or whether similar arrangements have been made with other traffickers."

Wonder if they'd translate this one for me, if I asked nicely.

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