Read My Blog -- No New Taxes!

Well that was just too cool. Spent the morning at Greensboro's first Blogging Teach-In. Sponsored by Greensboro 101 and ably managed by Roch and Sue, the seminar plus mentoring session was primarily designed to teach public and elected officials how to blog. I think it's safe to say that we all learned something. Every time this group gets together, good things happen.

Anonymoses said take that show on the road! And I heartily agree. Email Roch if you're interested in bringing a Blogging Teach-In to your town.

Here's what a Teach-In looks like (thanks to Sue for the photos).

Able political leadership and computer skills may not go hand in hand, but a politician who blogs may soon be more likely to get my vote than one who doesn't. It's about being willing to listen to your constituents, and responding to them, in earnest. It's the kind of thing that can change a whole community.

I like to be able to tell my elected officials what I think. It sure beats the old-fashioned way.

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