A Party Line

The following will be an assessment of your ability to "love thy neighbor."

You can go here to see who in Greensboro contributed how much to whom in last year's Presidential race (at least, from January 2003 to October 13, 2004). That's right. Who's a Democrat, who's a Republican, who gives lip service to one but writes a check to another? Time to change your doctor? Start shopping somewhere else? Give your next door neighbor an earful on the current administration? Start here.

Or, you can look over these names, see that we are all God's children just trying to find our way through the thicket, and love all these Americans who care enough about the future of our country to give away some cash.

Besides, it's tantalizingly addictive. Like reading someone's diary. Can't I be both a Uniter, and a Divider? Oh, c'mon, lemme...

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