The GGO Museum

It wasn't so long ago, and yet -- it seems like it.

Steer your browser over to theggo.com, and reminisce with me about possibilities cut short, potential unrealized, and the hard, short life of a liberal weekly paper in Greensboro.

It's the Greater Greensboro Observer Museum.

There you will see relics from times gone-by. Click on the Archives link on the left. Ahh, remember those covers? They beckoned like candy bars from the newsrack, with enticing, hue-splashed layouts. Where have you gone, O many typefaces!? Why did you forsake us to the monochromic worldview of your conservative brethren?

Click on Omnibus. There's Ogi! But wait - isn't that - it is! Today's date in the top right corner! Could it be... a miracle? Ssssst! Draw near. Ogi speaks. What's that? Louder Ogi! You sound as though you're very very far away...

[begin transmission]
...clever PR gimmicks...spin doctor trickery...not the way we do business...may be the key to our turnaround...long-term success...finding our niche...able to recover our financial footing...living within our means...top-notch salesperson...streamlined the operation...now have a future...
[end transmission]

Lost the signal!!! Dadblast these infernal solar winds.

Alas, GGO. We hardly knew ye, but yet, we miss thee.

Your pilgrimage begins here. But do not tarry. Even this moment, the webmaster is totaling the unpaid bills on his Blackberry. He's -- he's reaching for the plug! Dear man, have you no compassion? What about the children?? Who will live to tell them about their blue county, set adrift in a red state? Oh, the humanity!

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