Calling all Chewies

60 Minutes Sunday, March 13th CBS 7:00pm: "Star Wars Goes to Hell".

AKA, Lesley Stahl goes to Skywalker Ranch.

"We hope people get a bit of a sneak peek of the film and what it's about and insight into George both as a filmmaker and as a leader in the digital filmmaking revolution, insight into his personal life because we see him with his kids, and a look at his role as a business man," Segment Producer Rome Hartman says.

"Lucasfilm's move to the Presidio is an important part of our story as is the business that he's built at the same time he's made these films over the last 30 years."

In addition to learning more about the man behind Star Wars, viewers will also get some further insight on the advancements in digital filmmaking that Lucas has passionately backed in his films ever since he created Industrial Light & Magic.

Presidio (been there)
Skywalker Ranch (been there several times, once during an earthquake)
ILM (worked there)
Lesley Stahl (never met her)

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