Better than coffee

Right off the bat, with a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, today was better than yesterday. Met with esteemed blogging colleagues and tech blogger/online news editor of the Houston Chronicle over breakfast. We discussed plans for world domination through chips implanted in all of your skulls.

Naaaaah, we didn't. We talked journalism, the web, and blogging, and I learned much.

I've said it before - one of the greatest gifts blogging has laid at my door has been the discovery of so many intelligent, bleeding edge thinkers right here in my town. I marvel at their brain tissue, their stores of accumulated knowledge, their ability to synthesize information at lightning speed and spit out ideas. They're better than coffee.

Tonight, I'm going to a panel at UNCG, a continuing Ashby Dialogue series on "Greensboro’s Hidden Legacy: The Impact of November 3, 1979 on the City Today." The focus is on the role the media has played and will play in the Truth and Reconciliation Effort. The panelists include Allen Johnson, the News & Record's editorial page editor; Joya Wesley, Communications Director for the T&R Commission; and Jordan Green, staff reporter for YES! Weekly. The event is tonight from 7:00-9:00pm in UNCG's new Science Building, room 233.

It's what you might call a media-rich day. Here's hoping for many more just like it.

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