Attention all N.C. Bloggers

Yes, you. Get your submissions in for this week's Tarheel Tavern blog carnival. Send your best blog post this week (March 28-April 2) to your bud Chewie -- all you need to do is email me the permalink to the post, along with your name, the name of your blog, and anything else you'd like me to know about it.

Oh, don't be so self-critical. You wrote something good this week and you know it.

You didn't? Oh. Well there's still time. Here are a few topic ideas:

- pontificate on Jerry Falwell's condition; sign of the times, or of The End?
- write about something funny that's happened to you. The more humiliating, the better.
- give us some insight that only you have into something that concerns all North Carolinians
- review a book or movie or album or something
- Obviously, Terri Schiavo/life & death/Randall Terry/cable news -- all ripe topics this week.

Check the Tar Heel Tavern homepage for specifics, including links to past carnivals. But all you really have to do is email me a link to your best blog post this week. It's that simple!

If you get me your submission by Saturday at midnight, I'll include you. How's that for fair, even-handed, justice, mercy, and all those other things Nancy Grace is blathering on about?

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