Meet George Jetson... His Boy Elroy... Daughter Judy... Jane, his wife...

And say hello to ASIMO.

Honda has made amazing strides - literally - with their two-legged, walking humanoid robot. Their goal: "to create a partner for people, a new kind of robot that functions in society."

ASIMO is designed to operate in the real world, where people need to reach for things, pick things up, navigate along floors, sidewalks and even climb stairs. ASIMO's abilities to walk smoothly, climb stairs and recognize people's voices and faces will enable ASIMO to easily function in our world and truly assist humans.

See how ASIMO learned to walk without falling down.

See ASIMO run. This is very cool. See it in slow motion.

See ASIMO shake hands with the Belgian Prime Minister.

Four feet tall, with 26 degrees of movement, hands that can pick up a cell phone, cameras for eyes, and a 17lb. battery that doubles as a center of gravity, ASIMO seems ready for primetime. He's already starring in his first video, a public safety message for kids about safely crossing the street. He's also on a World Tour.

He even looks like Rosie. What's not to love?

P.S. The Japanese are not kidding around. This group's goal is to develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win the World Cup by 2050.

"There's only one thing worse than war and that is business, and Spacely has declared business on us."
-- Cogswell (Spacely Sprockets' chief competitor)

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