How to Saturday in Greensboro

This one's for the ladies.

Meet your friends for lunch at K&W Cafeteria in Friendly Center. Gorge yourself on fine Southern cuisine, including yam souffle, country style steak, and succotash.

Go to Leon's salon for a hair styling gabfest. Get pampered by the efficient and courteous staff. Enjoy the company of (mostly) women of all ages, who feel free in this setting to voice their opinions about a range of topics -- including that doctor on Fox8 who doesn't believe in wearing a bra. Steep yourself in the soft, soothing singsong of feminine Southern accents. If you are a regular there, expect to be bid adieu with a hug or a kiss, or both.

Browse the Liz Claiborne shoe store. Trade teasing witticisms with the clerks and other women in line. Buy things you don't really need, including more shoes and another wallet.

Go to Belk's and tell the Lancome makeup artistes that you need a "color match." They will sit you down, pay you compliments, and apply magical lotions that feel luxurious and smell wonderful. They'll send you off with a free sample that will last two weeks.

Peruse all the books and magazines you want at Barnes and Noble. Resolve to write a book someday.

Take a break with a window table at Caribou Coffee. Drink in a hot, sweet, milky beverage with caramel and whipped cream while you people watch and eavesdrop.

Drive home, admiring beautiful homes and neighborhoods. Imagine what you what would do with the landscaping if you lived there.

Remember this day the next time you start to complain about Greensboro.

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