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Dave Johnson speaks his mind and at no extra charge, mine, at See the Forest.

I sometimes feel a smidgen of guilt, and/or catch some flak, when I write a particularly harsh assessment of right-wing conservatives' behavior here. Believe me, I would rather not. I would rather write about -- oh, I don't know, golden retriever puppies, snow skiing, funny things my friends say, or video games.

But there is a lot at stake here. Some very wealthy, powerful, obsessive and arrogant people are trying to change America - and the world - forever. We elected them. It's our duty to obstruct them. The world they are shaping is not a world that most people would want to live in. They have made astounding gains in fulfilling their vision over the past five years.

So speaking out is important. It takes courage. And it must be done. I don't want my progeny asking why I didn't do or say anything to stop the erosion of freedom in America. And if I feel guilty, I'm just going to keep on reading and asking questions and thinking and talking to people, until I'm satisfied that I'm doing the right thing. Then I'll post some more.

Since they’re always acting like they’re oppressed…I say let’s do it, let’s oppress them.

- Ann Coulter, on Liberals

The goal of the modern conservative movement, as embodied by George W. Bush, is not just a simple majority of conservative thought – rather, it is the elimination of everything but conservative thought.

-- Oliver Willis at oliverwillis.com
(read this one too please)

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