Bagging a Buck

From the AOL Message Boards:

Bloggers as News Media Trophy Hunters

Featured News: For the second time in recent months, bloggers have laid claim to a prominent media career, heightening the debate over the role of bloggers in the news media.

Redmanjack61 said:
“ [Bloggers] are just small-minded people searching for fame at anyone's expense. ”

LindaWES2000 said:
“ Bloggers are doing the country a great service, as long as they too keep it true. ”

Georaum said:
“ I hate seeing people losing their jobs, but common sense journalism needs to come back. ”

“ It's about time someone held the mainstream media accountable. ”

CCToler39 said:
“ When they start bringing down honest men, it's time to pull back the reins. ”

Sgicboring said:
“ The media is being held accountable for its comments. This must be healthy. ”

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