Up, Up and Away

When you're too sick to blog, that's when you know you're sick. Another sign would be when broccoli comes out your nose. Let's just say it will be a while before I have another craving for stir-fry.

But all better now, so where were we? Condoleeza? The inauguration? Iraqi elections? I think we were talking about all those things, but for me it's kinda hard to concentrate when the Weather Channel says it's gonna SNOW!!!!! tomorrow! And Thursday! And Saturday and Sunday! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay...

Here's an interesting tidbit from a NOVA episode called "Supersonic Dream" on UNC-TV tonight. I'm sure you could have guessed that 9/11 had a distressing effect on the Concorde. It had crashed in July of 2000, after all, and Sept. 11, 2001 was actually the day of the first post-crash Concorde test flight, with a passenger roll of British Airways staff.

But the main reason 9/11 helped kill the Concorde was that 40 of its most frequent, regular passengers died in the World Trade Center. With them also died the permissions they granted their subordinates to travel by Concorde.

I never got to fly her, but long may She reign.

P.S. Who ever thought I'd watch NOVA? My brother always told me I'd appreciate classical music one day, and I didn't believe him, either.

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