So gullible

Among the urban myths debunked at straightdope.com is the one about Alka-Seltzer and seagulls. It's been reported that seagulls have no means of passing gas from either end, so when they eat Alka-Seltzer tablets, they simply explode "in a burst of feathers."

It's even been reported that U.S. Air Force pilots carry Alka-Seltzer tablets as part of their survival kits, for an easy meal of exploded seagull.

However, one responder claims that the tablets merely make the gulls foam at the mouth and projectile vomit, after which they are as good as new.

I'm sorry, were you eating?

When you finish, hop over to Jeannine's Chicago Pet Taxi website for some great - and disturbing - stories about her line of work. Don't miss the cat and the dog. Jeannine's book will be out soon. Oh, and her business is for sale. If you read the pit bull story, then never mind.

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