The Opposite of Smart Growth

Smart Growth -- not.

Sometime last night, northwest Greensboro became little Philly. The Lincoln Green billboard on Battleground Avenue next to Wendy's was creatively decorated by some graffiti artists. I'm too old to decipher the meaning, but it looks a lot like the subway cars in Saturday Night Fever.

Armed robbery and car break-ins have been on the rise in this end of town, and I suppose we're reaching the stage where only people who don't care about their property should stay. But I've always liked this part of town, and I don't want to leave. Greensboro, what are my options?

The city has done a terrible job of protecting the national treasure that is Guilford Battleground.

I know we're not supposed to blame the developers, but they and the city planners are responsible for strip mall hell. Outdated zoning regulations or no, it was no secret then and it's no secret now what strip development and cheap, quick, dense housing leads to. Or am I to believe it's a quirk of fate that Fisher Park boasts no Wal-Mart?

If you are a wealthy land developer, you will not have need for a Big Lots with a liquor store next door in your neighborhood. Nor will you frequent a Good Will store, unless you are clearing out your bonus room.

It's the same old (dollars and cents) story. Someone cashes in; and as a direct result, others suffer.


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