Lay Off My Man Sponge Bob!

I knew that if Kerry didn't get elected, these people were going to have trouble finding targets for their inane paranoia.

But accusing Sponge Bob of being anything other than the free-wheeling, life-loving, friendly, clever little sponge he is, is a new low.

I was able to see the entire music video from the "We Are Family" program tonight on MSNBC. Here's what I saw: Elmo, Grover, Pooh, Tigger, Beaker!, Barney, Big Bird, and even Oscar the Grouch singing and dancing happily together. No fighting. No hit lists. No cliques. No violence. No bullying.

And in the name of all that is reasonable and sane, NO HOMOSEXUALITY.

For Pete's sake, Bert even appeared without Ernie.

James Dobson is a menace to Western civilization. If there's ever to be a United States of America again, he will have to be sent packing, with a one-way ticket to the fringes of society.

Do you think I'm being too harsh? Will you please read the storyline of "Tilly"?

One good thing from the Sponge Bob dust-up, though: for one day, the rest of the world stopped hating us long enough to laugh at us.

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