If You Had Wings

Are you old enough to remember that ride at Disney World? It was part of the classic Tomorrowland. More about the old vs. the new Tomorrowland - erm, tomorrow.

If You Had Wings was originally sponsored by Eastern Airlines, and later became Delta's "Dreamflight." Delta, my favorite airline, has been scroll-fodder for the cable news networks all this week with the roll-out of their fare restructuring.

I've flown Delta jets around the world, and have always felt safe and well taken care of. Delta has given me perks and incentives I really don't deserve, including Silver Medallion status for 2005 and a trial Crown Room Club membership. I'm a big fan.

So know that I want the SimpliFares program to succeed. I don't want to live in a world without Delta. But clearly, there are some kinks. The idea is that these are lower fares. Delta expects to make up in volume what they lose in revenue initially.

I tried booking a trip I frequently take - round trip from Greensboro to Orlando, 7 days advance, which usually runs between $160-$280.

My SimpliFare result for a Thursday to Thursday trip was $436.40. What? OK. Let me try a nice non-peak day schedule -- the days on which Delta usually offers its lowest, even last-minute fares -- Thursday to Monday.

Result: $694.10.

I'll hang in there and try again.

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