We're freedom lovers, so let's lock 'em up

Via Twisted Chick via Pressthink comes this important report from Theocracy Watch regarding the Dominion aspirations of the religious right. It's important for American Christians to understand this. It's important for non-Christian Americans to understand this. How much more evidence do we need that "freedom is on the march", and it's marching away from democracy? They will come right out and tell you in their own words, loudly.

The prisoners at Gitmo are a living testimony. They are "unlawful combatants" in a war that has no end. The government finally admitted they had a right to trial, but insisted that did not include the right to an attorney.

That may not affect you or yours, but the reasoning behind it someday will.

I have preached enough for one week on this topic, but as I find links of relevance I will post them here.

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