Christmas Puppies

It must be Christmas, because as much as I'd like to, I barely have time to blog. But don't assume that means I have my shopping done.

It's not that I'm not thinking deep thoughts, I just don't have time to write them down. If I remember them, I will put lots of posts in your stockings next week and over the holidays.

Is anybody getting a doggy for Christmas? This probably doesn't apply to you, my intelligent, urbane, compassionate readership, but I'm glad somebody wrote this anyway, about the Christmas Puppy syndrome. If they're trying to discourage people from getting one, though, they shouldn't use phrases like "Christmas Puppies" -- doesn't that just make you want a little white fluffy one under your tree with a red bow around its neck and cute little black padded paws and puppy breath and all kissy and snuggly and with a cute little ferocious 'yip' when you squeak a toy under its cold, wet, precious little nose...


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